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EDIUS and the Canon EOS-1D C

4K is all the rage in film and media circles right now. 4K acquisition doesn't have to be expensive – DSLR cameras like the Canon EOS-1D C can capture beautiful 4K images, but editing them can be a challenge. But not with EDIUS 7 – it's not just 4K-native, it's real-time too!

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Stefan Czech

Stefan Czech is a DoP, Steadicam Operator and filmmaker based in Germany. He shot the world's first music video on the Canon 5D Mark II and has worked mainly with DSLRs ever since.

He loves to share his experience and regularly gives workshops on DSLR filmmaking and Steadicam technique. Stefan prides himself on his ability to work extremely quickly from shooting to delivery of the final film, specialising in same-day edits for corporate clients. He has over 8 years' experience of working with EDIUS.

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